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Corn Hole


【Special material】

Sandbag game set is made of military brushed inflatable material, compared with ordinary plastic inflatable corn hole, it is UV resistant, won't scratch or fade, durable and reusable.

【Water proof】

High-quality waterproof construction allows you to play in rain and water without worrying about rot like most wood cornholes.

【Advanced design】

The inflatable corn hole has the advantages of light weight, small storage and folding volume. Comes with a free tote bag that you can carry with you. No assembly required, just inflate and play.

【Universal for children/adults】

The tightness of the connection can be adjusted, the inclination of the sandbag board can be controlled, and the difficulty level of the throwing game can be set. Increases duels and fun in competitions or games.

【Full sandbag set】

The sandbag game set includes everything you need to play sandbag games, 2 game boards, 1 air pump, 8 sandbags (red and blue) and 1 storage bag.

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Easy to carry 

The fully collapsible cornhole set is made of brushed inflatable material, so it is very lightweight. It's easy to carry with you from one outdoor event to the next.

High quality material

Cornhole game set is made of military brushed inflatable material.With high quality waterproof construction,it is UV resistant, will not scratch or fade easily, durable and reusable,Easy to clean and store away.

Upgrade your pool party

Don't want to see it as a traditional corn hole, we have updated gameplay, more functions are waiting for you to develop, please use your imagination and look forward to sharing your happiness.

  • Product Specifications


Ready to use out of the gift box, just inflate and go! The inflatable cornhole board has a speed safety valve for fast and easy to inflate and deflate. Folds easily for storage and carry.

Package Dimension

‎28 x 11.25 x 9 inches

Package Weight

‎9.96 Kilograms


‎American Flag / Red and Blue




2 piece Inflatable corn hole boards;

8 bean bags(4 red& 4 blue);

1 inflatable pump;

1 storage bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Price, Sturdy, Waterproof, Portable, Easy Setup, Blowup Corn Hole

This review is for a 4'x2' Blowup Portable Corn Hole game it includes 8 bean bags, a travel bag and pump. I didn’t know what to expect with the set because I’ve never seen and couldn’t find another blowup set. It came in a carry bag so small that I couldn’t believe everything would even fit. I pulled it out and used the pump to blow it up. I’m not happy about the pump it’s kind of cheesy and it was awkward to use but not enough to take any stars away. The two Corn Holes are made of military brushed inflatable material, and I can vouch for that it’s the thickest plastic I’ve come in contact with. It’s UV resistant, will not scratch and it’s not supposed to fade easily. If that’s not enough it’s waterproof so you can take it on the beach, by the poolside or the river. They say that by pulling the cord on the side you can adjust the hole angle for different levels of difficulty, but I haven’t tried that yet.

fun set

This portable cornhole set is pretty awesome. I was concerned about it flying away in our South Florida beach winds, but it has just enough weight to keep it in place. It all packs away easily in the included carrying bag.

Great quality!!!

I can not wait to use them at the lake!!! Amazing quality and so fun as a family.

Audio Al
Surprisingly good

Obviously,this was ordered for a bit of backyard summer fun. This cornhole set is rather unique because it is inflatable. It is also extremely inexpensive. The "boards" inflate with the included foot pump. The "boards" inflate easily with the foot pump. The cornhole "boards" once inflated are pretty hard. It is a great feature that you deflate them for storage. There is an included storage & carry bag included as well. The 8 bean bags are pretty nice. The family criticism is that the bean bags tend to bounce off of the board rather than slide like they would on a wood board cornhole set. As far as I am concerned that just makes it a different game but I said that they could rate it after playing and they gave it a four out of five. We will easily get our money's worth out of this game. Satisfied purchase.

Lisa Green
Awesome purchase! Very well made!

We ordered this set specifically for a BBQ/Birthday party. Because were also adding water games we needed a corn hole set that could possibly get wet.
The pkg arrived on time in perfect condition This product is amazing. Inflating & deflating is a breeze and the boards are super high quality and durable! So happy we found them! Oh,and the price is such a deal compared to other products which according to reviews didnt do well in wet conditions!