Triple-Layer Neoprene Stocking-Foot Pant Waders


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Why Buy From Us

  • Enhanced durability with double-layer reinforcement and wear-resistant taping.
  • Enjoy added comfort with a removable neoprene knee pad.
  • Triple-layer knee reinforcement for maximum protection.
  • Stocking foot crafted from double-taped 4.5 mm neoprene, coupled with a breathable gravel guard.
  • Includes a durable wading belt with an adjustable quick-release buckle.
  • Comes with a complimentary mesh storage bag for added convenience.

Attention Please

All waders boast high-quality, durable, and breathable fabric for utmost comfort and longevity. Proper care is paramount to extend their lifespan.

1. After each use, ensure thorough drying by turning the waders inside out and hanging them in a cool, dry, well-ventilated space. Regular cleaning is vital to remove dirt, oil, and environmental residue; using a mild detergent solution and avoid harsh substances like bleach or direct sunlight.
2. The frequency of washing depends on usage and environmental factors. Aiming for annual washing or as needed if soiled. For saltwater or humid environments, rinse waders meticulously after each use, paying attention to seams and salt-prone areas. Drying them inside out in a cool, ventilated spot, and consider applying a protective spray or wax for enhanced durability.

Why Buy From Us


Our Policy

Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. If any defects occur within this period, we'll repair, replace, or refund the product at no cost. 

Please note, the warranty applies to unmodified products for the remaining period. Normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, alterations, misuse, and accidental damage are not covered. 

Additionally, the warranty doesn't apply if the product has been tampered with or damaged by external factors like fire or mishandling.

The Waders Benefits

High-Quality Fishing Waders: Breathable, Waterproof, and Durable

Crafted from premium high-quality materials, our fishing waders feature a breathable and durable 3-layer fabric, covered by a waterproof double-taped material. This combination ensures that our waders are wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and completely leak-proof. Additionally, they are easy to clean, providing long-lasting performance and comfort for your fishing adventures.

Advanced Dry & Breathable Wader Technology

Crafted from 100% polyester and featuring dry technology. This cutting-edge technology enables airflow for drying out dampness while effectively keeping water out. Enjoy exceptional comfort underwater with these wader pants, providing high comfort and performance for your aquatic activities.

Knee Protection Essential

Enhance your comfort during fishing and hunting with our removable neoprene knee pad. Designed to provide extra cushioning and support, this accessory ensures protection for your knees, allowing you to focus on your outdoor pursuits with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good quality

Ordered on a whim. Fits well. No leaks after 6 tough fishing days. Would buy again.

Steve M. Meyers
Great Value

Don't let the low price scare you. Excellent waders

mark a.
Best waders for the buck right here!

Excellent waders for the money.

Sara Jarrell
No leaks after 7 uses in a week!

I'm 5/9 160llbs and a small was perfect my foot size is 8.5 and the neoprene booties were perfect fit so if your foot is bigger than 8.5 might wanna order a medium. I heard complaints about knee pads but for me they are an excellent addition so I can work to remove the fly from the fishes mouth on my knees and not worry about rubbing a hole in waders.

todd tennyson
6 ft and 180 lbs

I got the Mediums. I am 6ft tall and weight 180 lbs and have about a #10 US shoe size.. They fit and allow me to carry a sidearm on my hip. Fished all day today and no leaks. Comfortable and dry. The foot has plenty of room for an extra pair of thick wool socks. Tight lines boys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We've got you covered!

What is the recommended method for cleaning and maintaining my Waist Waders?

To maintain your waders, rinse them with fresh water after each use and let them air dry. It's best to avoid storing them in direct sunlight. Additionally, conduct regular inspections for any signs of wear and tear, and promptly address any repairs that may be needed.

Is there a warranty available for these waders?

Absolutely! Our Chest Waders are backed by a comprehensive 1-year warranty. For detailed information, please refer to our warranty policy.

Are the socks attached (i.e., are these one piece and completely waterproof from foot to waist) or are the socks separate with a gap between foot/pants?

Yes, the neoprene socks are attached and waterproof. They're ideal to wear with wader boots and are designed to accommodate any shoe size. Overall, these waders are fantastic. I use them for fly fishing in shallower waters and sturgeon fishing. The insertable/removable knee pads are particularly useful when kneeling in the water to lift up a sturgeon or sneak up on trout.

Do these pant waders provide waterproof protection all the way from top to bottom, or only up to mid-thigh?

They are waterproof up to the waist. These waders are of excellent quality; I would gladly purchase them again without hesitation.

I'm unsure which measurements are needed for the fishing wader size?

For waist waders, you'll need to measure your shoe size and waist. For hip waders, only your shoe size is necessary. As for bib waders, you'll need both your shoe size and inseam measurements.

How can I ensure the perfect fit?

Refer to our size chart for accurate measurements, focusing on inseam and waist sizes. If you anticipate layering clothing, sizing up may provide added comfort.

For sole length, if your measurement closely matches the chart, our elastic neoprene socks offer a flexible fit.

We're dedicated to providing not only top-quality products but also personalized assistance. Reach out to our customer service team for any support needed. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Still have a question?

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