Unlike normal yoga, inflattable paddle board yoga, which is performed on a floating paddle board, requires more balance and can lead to close contact with lake or sea water.Because of the instability and a little stimulation on the cusp, paddle board yoga offers more benefits to the body.

1.The demand for balance is higher, which can exercise our balance ability more.

2.The more balanced the movement, the more likely to do the standard, also can reduce the usual because the posture is not precise to the body caused by a variety of light or heavy injuries

3.More intimate contact with nature helps us better integrate into nature. The instability on the water surface reduces our distraction of attention, making people enter the state of meditation more quickly and better, slowly relaxing, and throwing away all distractions.

Here, to remind everyone, do paddle board yoga when you must pay attention to their own safety oh.Choose shallow water as far as possible, and someone to accompany you. Only when you have ensured your own safety can you enjoy every bit of pleasure and beauty brought by paddle yoga with a relaxed attitude.Invite your family or friends to try Funwater paddle board yoga.