Wherever you go, you often meet paddle boarders.Because it is an interesting and relaxing exercise, and it is of great benefit to your health. 

1. Improved balance: The surface of the water is not smooth. To stand on a ISUP, it requires a lot of core stability and leg strength to maintain balance.

Full body workout: The leg muscles will work hard to stabilize your center of gravity due to the balance required on the upright paddle board.The arms, back and shoulders work together against the resistance of the paddle in the water.The core, back and abdominal muscles will continue to function to maintain balance.If you push too hard or exercise for the first time, you may feel sore muscles in your body, which means it's already working.

2. Lose weight: Standing on a sup also requires a lot of calories and is a great way to burn fat and lose weight.

3. Low impact: A standing paddle board is classified as a low impact sport.So you're less likely to damage tendons and ligaments in any joint.

4. Meet new friend: SUP is a great way to meet new friend.There are many paddle enthusiasts' groups and parties around the world.

5. Aerobic exercise: If you have enough time to row on the water, you can also do aerobic exercise.You can also compete with your friends, which is even better.

6. Blend in with nature: Stay calm on the water, blend in with nature, and enjoy the beauty of nature.In addition, it's always good to get extra vitamin D from the sun.