how dou you deflate ari FUNWATER SUP board?


In order to inflate easily,Remove the valve cover(b)clockwise whirl it(b), Put it(a)in “Output” position. After inflating,screw in valve cover(b) and anticlockwise whirl it(b).


Please only use the pump provided or other recommended pumps. DO NOT use an air compressor as you will risk over-inflating the board and severely damaging your SUP beyond repair. Your warranty will be void in the event of damage via over-inflation.

  • Unpack and unroll your SUP on a smooth, clean, flat surface.
  • Connect the air tap on your pump to the inflation valve on your SUP. Firmly push the air tap inwards and twist clockwise to secure the connection.
  • Before you begin to pump, please consult the recommended PSI on the valve(s)  of your SUP and inflate to the appropriate value. DO NOT over-inflate your SUP. 
  • The PSI may not register on your pump until you reach at least 7 PSI - keep pumping! 
  • Once the desired air pressure has been reached, please safely disconnect the air tap of your pump and secure the valve on your SUP.