Expert Guidelines To Store A Beginner Paddle Board

Storing a beginner paddle board is very easy. It requires minimum effort to maintain the quality of the material. As a result, it stays as good as new. Here is all the information you need to keep the paddle board in a convenient setting.

Wash the paddle board

Remember to rinse the beginner paddle board to get rid of dirt, sand, and salt. You can remove the contaminants from the board easily to extend their durability. It also shows that you care about the paddle board a lot. You can wash the paddle board with water to remove stuck dirt.

Refrain from using steel wool or grime as that scratches the surface. As a result, the board will decay fast while it rests in storage. You must also pay close attention to the fins and valve.

Real photo which washing and cleaning the paddle board

Keep it in a dry place

If you want to use the beginner paddle board for a very long time, you must ensure it is dry. Otherwise, the humidity and dampness will ruin its construction. In addition, if you leave an inflatable paddle board wet in storage, it can lead to mildew and mold.

Therefore, take the time to dry the item thoroughly after using it. You can dry it with a towel or a cleaning cloth. Ensure the article is dry and soft so the surfaces are not compromised.

The photo with a person who is wiping the inflatable paddle board

No sunlight

Another top strategy to elongate the use of a beginner paddle board is to avoid sunlight. Constant exposure to the sun will result in UV radiation. It can damage the material severely that is used to make the paddle board. Moreover, the colors will also fade.

After you are done washing the beginner paddle board with non-harmful soap, leave it in the sun to dry. Subsequently, wipe it with a cloth to ensure it is dry in all places. You can then place it on the roof rack or board deck.

A people who is sitting with her paddle board bag and paddle in her hands

No Rinse

You can store the beginner paddle board in a bag to keep it safe. As a result, you will not need to rinse or wash it. The bag will protect the item from dirt and dust. Salt and grime will not get stuck in the fins. Moreover, you can store multiple paddles in a single bag without taking too much space.

Whenever you need to paddle, the individual can grab the bag and be on their way. Friends and family can store the beginner paddle boards in a single place. It makes managing easier for everyone.

Inflated or deflated

With matters related to paddle boards, users often do not know whether to store it inflated or deflated. In short, you can leave the paddle board inflated occasionally if it is not placed in direct sunlight. Otherwise, a deflated version is recommended to extend it. It eliminates the probability of punctures and worn-down material.

A photo about inflate and deflate the inflatable paddle board

The ideal temperature

It is inadvisable to leave a beginner paddle board in direct sunlight. However, you must not leave it in extremely cold places. The material can crack and compromise the utility. Do not store in very high or very cold temperatures for extended use.

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