Beginners’ Tips for Stand Up Paddle Lovers

Don’t be that person that jumps into the water with a new stand up paddle who does not know anything about the sport! You are likely to hurt yourself and never surf again. Instead, read the tips below to ensure you glide over ocean waters:

Attach a leash

The best tip for a stand up paddle so it does not separate from you is to tie it with a leash. The sooner you realize the benefits of the leash, the better. A leash will keep you and everyone else safe in all kinds of paddleboard surrounding. Furthermore, you can choose from different types of leashes and pick numerous attachment terminals according to your ease.

a paddle board floating gently on a calm lake

Identify the nose of the board.

Sometimes, novices and water sports lovers fail to identify the nose of the stand up paddle. The beginner boards have a larger nose with elongated tails for stability. Furthermore, they also have a broader deck area so that you can fall comfortably. When jumping off the board, see where the fins lay. The fins must be at the back to keep the board stable while you are in the water. This is called tracking, where the fins ensure grip so you glide on waves. If the fins are at the front, the board is very unstable and does not sail straight.

Where is the horizon?

As soon you step on the stand up paddle, your intuition will tell you to look down. You want to see where the paddle is going to improve your maneuvering. You are also looking on the sides so you don’t fall. However, you must look ahead at the horizon. Keep your back straight, and the weight of the body must be on your toes. Yes, it will look weird. On the other hand, a head-down posture, looking at the toes, will grant you a trip into the water.

a family using a paddle board from funwater board enjoying their family time on water

Give room to others.

Oceans are the largest water bodies on the planet. They are bigger than lakes, seas, streams, and rivers. Yet, an enthusiast will want to ride the stand up paddle on every inch of water, which is impossible. Paddle boards are huge, and they are harmful when the rider comes in contact with them. Furthermore, keep an eye on fellow water users. There must be plenty of room to stand up, fall, and continue paddling.

Fall gracefully

Falling is a part of water sports. Even the professionals trip on their stand-up paddle board. However, what matters is how the experts or you fall. Similar to tricks and riding waves, you must practice to fall at the end of the session. The strategy will prevent injuries in the future.

You are attached to the board with a leash, so it is not going anywhere. Ensure you fall in the clear water with grace. Do not fall on the fins or the board. The technique is essential in locations with current or irregular waves.

Don’t forget to ask for help!

Funwater Board is available for extra paddling tips, which you will never forget. The staff will guide you into picking the right gear for water sports. Funwater Board looks forward to interacting with clients to build trust and loyalty. Browse the online shop for durable gear at discounted rates.

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