It's perfect for travel 

because it's an inflatable paddle board, it deflates and is small enough to fit in a backpack.So no matter you take a plane, or self-driving travel is very convenient to carry.With ISUP, you can have broad views and see things you've never seen before.Imagine standing on a paddle board with your family or pets and enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.What a delightful thing that is.

Stability is good

In most cases, I would say the inflatable SUP is more stable than the hard shell.It's easy for beginners to navigate.ISUP is friendly to first time users.While it is inevitable that everyone will fall during your first standing stroke, the soft surface of the inflatable paddles will cushion your fall.

Very practical

you can use it anywhere you have water, like a lake, sea or river.

Now let me introduce the Cruiser paddle board from FUNWATER.

Cruiser SUP

Size: 320*84*15cm;

Advantages: Suitable for middle and long distance rowing, with high speed and maneuverability, high flexibility.TIKI is a Hawaiian god culture and Cruiser SUPFW02A is designed against this background.If you're new to paddle boarding and buying it for the first time, consider this one.