how to master paddle board balance

If playing for the first time, it's best to stay in calm water with no boats or floats around.In the beginning, it was easier to kneel than to stand.

【Upper Stand】

1.The board is placed in the shallow water, stand beside the board, paddle into the water.

2. Hold the middle edge of the paddle with both hands and always hold the paddle with one hand. 

3. Kneel to the middle and rear of the paddle board and feel the balance point. The head of the paddle board will not tilt up and the tail will not sink into the water. 

4.Hold firmly on one side of the paddle to stabilize it. 

5, ready, first stand up one foot, kneel way, can also ask a friend to help press the paddle board to stand up 


When you get up, how do you balance on the inflatable paddle board and start rowing?

1. Stand with your feet parallel to each other in the middle of the sup board, and stand with your feet against the edge of the paddle board. 

2. Keep your toes forward, knees bent, and back straight. 

3. Use your hips for balance, keep your head and shoulders straight and stable, and use your hips to adjust the center of gravity. 

4. Look ahead, not just at your feet. 

5. As with cycling, it's easier to balance when you move forwa