In the face of the market of thousands of millions of stand-up paddle board, how to choose and buy a satisfactory isup, must be a headache for each paddle board beginners, but, paddle board style, parameters, material, type, structure diversification, so how to choose and buy a suitable for their own paddle board, we come here one by one.

Know what your paddle board is for: leisure, racing, cruising, surfing, yoga?

1. All-around board

Most beginners will choose the all-around board, is also a casual board.Perfect for outdoor relaxation and family trips, these boards are also capable of handling small waves in the ocean.

If this is your first time using FUNWATER you can choose this paddle board -Funwater SUP TIKI 

 2. Cruise board

The cruise board is also called the travel board. This board is suitable for players who need to travel for long distances. The board head will be pointed, and it is better designed to break waves and be suitable for long strokes than the all-power board.

We recommend Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Cruise Paddle Board

3. Yoga board

Wide enough to maintain the stability of practicing yoga in water.

We recommend this Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Koi

4. Fishing board

The fishing board is wider and more stable and can hold all fishing gear.

Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing is recommended.

This one is for water fishing enthusiasts.Install three fishing mounts.Adjustable elastic rope at upper and lower ends, super large storage capacity.Can be fixed fishing box, fishing supplies.The paddle rod is fixed with buckle, which is convenient for fixing the paddle rod.Extra wide for smoother fishing.

5. Racing board

Long, light and narrow, which helps to improve race speed.

We recommend this Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Touring Board.

This one has better tracking and faster speed, which is suitable for ISUP racing players.Head tapered opening, high water separation, high flexibility.Outside up and down an extra layer of PVC, can greatly enhance the wear resistance of the fUNWATER paddle board.It feels like a hard plate with good stability and easy deformation.