The Many Advantages of Paddle Board Yoga

Are you a yoga lover who likes being near water? We have combined the two opposites to present a new-found activity. Your next new favorite hobby is called paddle board yoga. It is a soothing group exercise session that combines yoga with paddle boarding. It will improve your strength and balance.

Paddleboard yoga was initially discovered in Hawaii in early 2010. However, it quickly crossed international boundaries to become a trendy fitness activity. The classes are held weekly and are an excellent opportunity to connect with nature.

All you need is a paddle board. You take it out to a safe distance in the ocean or a pool to begin your practice. Here are its benefits.

Improves Balance

You will fall into the water during the initial few attempts at paddle board yoga. However, your body will go into survival mode which improves the body’s internal strength. It keeps the body in shape and motivates you to stop falling in the water repeatedly.

Paddle board yoga is an excellent activity that improves your neuromotor activities. It improves balance and coordination. You can consider the rocky water a challenge to improve your stability.

female practicing Paddle board yoga on calm lake

No more stress

Paddle board yoga will remove stress from your life. Sometimes, an overthinking mind takes over, and you do not know what to do. Engaging in group sessions and talking to individuals in the class will reduce anxiety. You will feel stressed and react less severely to triggers.

Motivates you to step outside

Paddle board yoga is performed on running water, where you will enjoy the aquatic life. We are accustomed to living our lives inside because everything is readily available on the internet. Paddle board yoga is an excuse to break the cycle and step outside in the sun. It will instill a positive mood and improve the cognitive connection.

Balances new muscles

When performing paddle board yoga, it will stabilize new muscles. The activity forces the participants to improve their balance. As a result, the posture is enhanced. Furthermore, the attendees also work on different muscle groups which promotes fitness.

male practicing yoga on a paddle board

A new approach

Paddle board yoga is a new approach to dated poses. However, it is fresh water that provokes thinking. Many individuals fail to picture yoga on the water. The curiosity will motivate them to joint the class. Slowly, they will experience more strength and balance. You will feel like a warrior posing on the water because anyone can do yoga on land.

Make it a fun prop!

You can turn the paddle board yoga into a fun prop during exercise. You can use it as a prop with standing and balancing poses. Furthermore, you can also use it to release tension from the shoulders. The activity is full of laughs. However, you must also stay prepared for splashes when doing new poses.

Social distancing

The pandemic is long gone! However, the paddle board yoga participants prefer the activity because it brings them far away from their routine busy lives. They feel a certain calm altering, bringing the boards into open water and connecting with nature.

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