How To Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board for The First Time?

How to choose a stand up paddle board is a constant thought in your mind. Recently, you have become fascinated with the sport and want to participate in it. However, as a novice, you do not know where is begin. Continue reading for expert suggestions on buying a paddle board.

Think of the paddles

How to choose a stand up paddle board includes studying the price of the paddles as well. According to experts, the paddles must cover one-fifth of the cost of the paddles. You can browse the cost of paddle boards at Funwater Board and calculate the paddle price accordingly.

If you cannot afford the price of the paddle, then the board is an expensive investment. It is probably because the markup is too high. Therefore, study the prices and compare from different suppliers for an excellent board.

3 kids sitting on the inflatable paddle board

The type

There are many types to consider when thinking how to choose a stand up paddle board. You can pick an all-around board which is perfect for beginners. They are ideal for paddling on a waveless lake. However, you must stay close to the shore or prepare to greet unwelcome fishes.

You can use a downwind standup paddle board, a kid’s board, a family board, or a board for women. The last board types are easier to carry with a narrow middle section so that they can deck the handle.

The weight

how to choose a stand up paddle board also includes studying the weight. You must not purchase a paddle board that weighs more than 30 pounds because they are difficult to carry. On the other hand, paddle boards that weigh less than 20 pounds are too light.

The board must also have a firm grip, which will improve the padding significantly. As a result, the board is not challenging to carry or lift. You can transport it easily. However, do not invest in old handles.

A woman who is sitting on the stand-up paddle board

The fins

Are you wondering how to choose a stand up paddle board? You must think about the fins as well. They are available in different types to add stability. You can add a large single fin to push the tail forward. These are best for racing or touring waters. A large fin makes maneuvering the board easier.

There are three fins set up and race fins options to choose from. Unfortunately, these fins are not flexible and give an unexpected output when hitting the rock, log, or other objects on the beach.

2 person with their paddle boards and take care of the fins on boards

The material

While browsing the market, you are constantly thinking about how to choose a stand up paddle board based on material. The boards are made of fiberglass, plastic, and carbon filters. Moreover, a board can be hollow or solid as well.

  • Plastic boards are heavy with a reliable exterior. They are affordable.
  • Fiberglass boards are the most popular. They vary in weight. Moreover, some have a wood sheet to extend its use.
  • You can purchase inflatable paddle boards with excellent stitching and easy-to-store features.
A man with Funwater Koi paddle boards

Purchase paddle boats at Funwater

Funwater offers a wide collection of paddle boards that promote full-body exercise. These are crucial in water sports and other training programs. You can visit the Funwater website to shop and filter the paddle boards according to price and material. Furthermore, you can also contact the customer support team for inquiries about how to choose a stand up paddle board.

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