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Women's yellow waterproof apron


【Chemical Resistant and Easy Clean】 FunWater aprons are made of durable PVC material, providing comfort and protection. They possess various practical features such as being waterproof, quick-drying, oil-proof, wear-proof, and stain-proof. Cleaning the apron is easy; after use, simply rinse it or wipe it with a soapy cloth. However, avoid using bleach and refrain from tumble drying to maintain its quality.

【Pocket Design and Adjustable Neck Strap】 The FunWater waterproof apron comes equipped with three large pockets on the front, allowing users to store their phones or tools conveniently. The male version includes two 7in * 7in pockets and one 6in * 9.7in pocket, while the female version has two 5.5in * 5.5in pockets and one 5.5in * 8.5in pocket. The apron also features an adjustable neck strap, offering a customizable fit for optimal comfort.

【MULTIPURPOSE APRON】 Made with durable and waterproof polyvinyl chloride, these versatile aprons are suitable for a wide range of tasks. They can be used to protect clothing during cooking, cleaning, butchering, pet grooming, gardening, and more. The waterproof quality enhances their durability and functionality.

【Warm Tips】 After using the waterproof apron, it's essential to rinse it thoroughly or wipe off any stains with a damp towel. Properly dry the apron before storing it. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, and do not use bleach or employ tumble drying. For air drying, choose a well-ventilated area.

Standing in the garden are a man wearing a gray Funwater apron for men and a woman wearing a yellow apron for women.
Funwater Women's Yellow Apron Length 80cm x Width 60cm
Funwater women's yellow apron has high-quality PVC waterproof material, neat wiring, an adjustable neck band, and three big pockets
Funwater women's yellow apron is suitable for many scenarios, such as cooking, cleaning, butchering, pet grooming, gardening, fishing, dishwashing, farming, etc.
A woman is happily wiping the table in the kitchen wearing a Funwater women's yellow apron.
  • Product Specifications


Size:80L*60W cm for women

Decoration: Two 5.5in * 5.5in pockets and one 5.5in * 8.5in pocket.



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FunWater Aprons with Pockets Waterproof

Heavy duty waterproof apron. Adjustable fit, and added pockets are a plus!

A heavy duty and adjustable apron with plenty of pockets

This apron is unlike many of the other aprons we have used in our home. This apron has a heavy duty feel to it due to the use of PVC material. This helps the apron to resist water or other liquids, but also means that those liquids may end up on the floor instead of on our clothes. With that said, it is quite easy to clean the apron if you do end up getting it wet or dirty. The three built-in pockets are rather convenient if you need to have your phone, wallet, or other items within reach. And unlike most other aprons, this apron includes an adjustable neck strap, which makes it easier to raise or lower the apron in proportion to your body for a more comfortable fit. The overall weight of the apron is rather light, making it possible to wear this apron for extended periods of time.

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