Whether you're doing gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, or high and light exercise, you can do it on an air floor gymnastics.It can also be used if you are on an outing or having a picnic in a park.So air track gymnastics are very versatile and can be used very well.

So what should you consider when buying a gymnastics track mat?  


The size of the inflatable air track is important because you need a device that can be placed in the area you want to lay out and can accommodate the type of exercise performed on the air track.If you just want to use it for yoga, or for picnics in the park with your family, don't choose one tumbling air track mat that's too small.We suggest you choose this tumble air mat.


The thickness will depend on the intensity of the exercise you are going to perform.The thicker the roll pad, the more cushioning it has.If you want to do intensive repetitive exercises on the gym mat, it is recommended that you choose an gymnastic mat with strong cushioning capacity.The following TUXEDO SAILOR INFLATABLE GYMNASTIC AIR TRACK 9'8"×3'3"×6" board is a great choice.


The function of tumbling air track mat and fittings also need to consider important factor.Mos tgymnastics floor on the market don't have free pumps.Cheaper pumps will come with free hand pumps, while more expensive ones will come with electric pumps.The pump provides great convenience for aerating the gym mat.The gym mat should be portable, which means it should be easy to fold and store.So a good gym mat should come with a handle and a sturdy backpack.All you need to buy is a Funwater air track to get an electric pump and a portable bag, which is a great deal.


This is the most important factor we consider when buying.The prices of tumbling air track mat on the market range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.Although the high price of something is bound to be more functional than the low price.But, please remember, we need to buy suitable products, not to buy high prices or too cheap air tracks, according to their own needs, rational consumption.


Most outdoor gymnastics mat on the market come with a one-year warranty.However, all Funwater air track tumbling pads offer a 45-day money back guarantee and a 12-month product replacement warranty.