SUP Tips:Pull Up To The Dock With  A Draw Stroke

SUP Tips – How To Move Your Stand Up Paddle Board To The Side Using the Draw Stroke

Sometimes it is necessary to be able to move your board to the side, especially when you want to move towards a docking place. To move in different directions we can make use of various stroke types. For Docking the Draw Stroke is ideal. 

Follow these easy steps to learn the Draw Stroke and move your  FUNWATER SUP to the side:

01 Paddle Height

First of all, paddles must have the right length - about 12”-18” above the head height,approximate hand width.

02 Standstill

Place your feet about one shoulder width away from each other on the board.One hand grabs the T-handle,  the other grabs the shaft. Eyes towards the horizon  go easy to the knees.

03 Always with Leash

Don't forget your Leash stay on the safe side.

04 Forward

Dive the paddle into the waterfor an arm length and pull it back  along the board, where both the upper  hand and the leaf should face  each other vertically

05 Surfer-Pose

Once the wave takes you,take the typical surfer posture and  set a foot further to front. The gives you a better balance and agility.