It's perfect for travel 

As an offshoot of Paddle Board Yoga, or SUP, the Yoga poses derived from ancient India are combined with the sport of surfing.

It's great for your health. 

Yoga itself is already known for its health benefits. It reduces stress, builds strength, stretches the body, and makes you feel great -- it can even change your life. 

If you also love nature, paddle board yoga is for you! 

Strengthen your core. 

In addition to its physical and mental benefits, SUP paddle yoga also strengthens your core.Practicing yoga on a paddle board adds to the challenge because you're on an unstable platfor

Paddle yoga allows you to enjoy nature in a new way.

If you have a fear of the ocean, water or sea creatures, paddle yoga will help you break that fear.It makes you feel safe, you float on the water under the protection of the paddle board, and the animals in the water are freely living in their own world under your feet.

In addition, you can also look at the deep blue sky while practicing some upside-down asanas.When you see birds flying across the sky, you will be filled with joy and strength.

To deepen friendship.

I love practicing paddle yoga with my friends.Practicing alone is great, but sharing always brings more surprises.

Anyone can do it!

Paddle yoga doesn't actually require a lot of expertise.With a little practice, you will become stronger and be able to do more difficult poses.If you can do a yoga pose on the ground, in most cases, you can also learn to do it on a paddle board.In addition, although it takes you to the water, it requires less equipment and training than other paddleboard sports.