How To Take Care Of Your Paddle Board Accessories?

You must have a lot of paddle board accessories if you visit the ocean often. The more accessories, the more difficult it becomes to manage them. Let us present a few expert tips that will make it easy for you to extend the lifetime of the gear.

Personal floatation devices

One of the most important paddle board accessories is the life jackets and personal flotation devices. They will help you stay collected and calm when you are stranded at sea. Here are a few things to know about them

  1. Do not wash or clean the floating devices or life jackets with chemicals. Use a clean-rinsing product for excellent results.
  2. You must not press or flatten the life jackets as it can damage the material that allows you to float.
  3. The PFDs must only be washed with cold water. The strategy is essential if you use paddle board accessoriesin salt water.
  4. Continue inspecting and testing the life jacket before trips or aquatic adventures.
  5. You can apply reflective tape to paddle board accessories to ensure you are visible to the authorities.
people and Paddle Board Accessories

Stand up Paddle board

Stand-up paddle boards are popular in surfing, cruising, racing, and fitness sports. They are available in different shapes, materials, and designs. Here are a few tips:

  1. If the paddle board accessories,including the SUP board, have a foam core, you must not get it wet.
  2. Secondly, you must keep the board away from sunlight. The increased temperature makes the board unstable. It can lead to lasting damage.
  3. Thirdly, you must not place a wet stand-up paddle board in a storage bag.
  4. You can add a rail guard tape so the damage is minimal. The patches are invisible, but keep the paddle board accessories safe.
  5. If you are a fan of paddling in the evening, you can add a strip of reflective tape to stay visible.

Drysuits and Wetsuits

Aquatic athletes wear dry suits and wetsuits so they are able to stand on the paddle board. It is one of the most common paddle board accessories that is made from neoprene. The material is thick, spongy, and filled with minute bubbles of nitrogen.

  1. You must always wash the suit with cold water after it has been in salt water.
  2. When the exterior is dry, flip the suit. Wash the inside and dry the interior.
  3. You must hang the wetsuits and drysuits on a hanger in an open area.
  4. Store the suits in a dry and cool place that does not have access to direct sunlight.


The last mention on the list of paddle board accessories to take care of is paddles. They contain blades and aluminum. However, options exist for carbon fiber and fiberglass as well. Here is how to look after them.

  1. Firstly, rinse the paddles with fresh water that is not too cold or too warm.
  2. You can tie the paddles together so they do not bounce while you are driving or traveling.
  3. The paddles must be stored inside and kept away from direct sunlight.

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