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Derived from the hope of "Noah" and the radiance of "Waka", we have created NAWAKAR, a passionate and dazzling brand. NAWAKAR is a slogan that empowers you to break free from constraints and free yourself from shackles. NAWAKAR is a belief that guides you to reach the places your heart desires. 

With the founder and team's decades of passion for outdoor sports and world-class design and manufacturing expertise, NAWAKAR was born and rooted on the coastal shores of California, USA. Our NAWAKAR spirit radiates worldwide with the Pacific currents.

Our Mission

In our desire to be a bearer of hope like Noah's Ark, our goal is to fulfill the desire for outward exploration for our community. NAWAKAR does only one thing. We create what users really need. Striving to lead the industry in innovation and trends,our team focuses solely on the ultimate user experience, bringing innovation and technology to your life. Knowing that our development and everything around us comes from the gifts of nature, ecological balance is deeply rooted in the core spirit of NAWAKAR as its mission. Every NAWAKAR paddleboard is fully recyclable and remanufacturable.

We provide product customization solutions based on use scenarios for people with different needs - appropriate features, materials, and designs. 


The Nawakar Inflatable Cornhole Board is constructed with military-grade drop stitch inflatable material, ensuring exceptional durability. Its high-quality waterproof design offers superior resistance to UV rays, scratches, and fading. This board is not only reusable but also easy to clean and store, making it a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Weighing only 21 pounds and accompanied by a convenient carrying bag, the Nawakar Inflatable Cornhole Board is designed for effortless portability. Whether you're going on a picnic, camping trip, or gathering with friends, you can easily bring this game board along. Upon reaching your destination, it takes just a few minutes to inflate and assemble, allowing you and your friends to immediately enjoy the excitement of a cornhole game.


The Nawakar Inflatable Cornhole Board features a unique design that incorporates inflatable technology, allowing you to effortlessly inflate and create a comfortable and stable gaming board. Whether in your backyard, on the grass, by the pool, or even at the beach.

No longer confined to traditional game sets, the Nawakar Inflatable Cornhole Board boasts high-strength waterproof capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various water-based games. You can use it to play beer pong or a floating board in the pool. Its waterproof performance guarantees stability and safety when used in water.

Everyone is unique, just like the Nawakar Inflatable Cornhole Board. Pick your favorite colors or images. Then seal the deal with a personalized inscription on the board.By personalizing your cornhole Board, you create unique pieces that authentically reflect your personality and style.