Hi there! We are FUNWATER and we are all about having fun and living life at its fullest. We  

create the ultimate experience to taste the adventurous side of this life. You can create

amazing memories with it, every single second you spend with FUNWATER will bring you

closer to the adventure you have been looking for. We have the purpose of being a part

of your favorite weekend or a family getaway. Every time you paddle, it creates a smile

and this makes our efforts worth it.

Now close your eyes and imagine... You are in the middle of the sea, enjoying the Florida

beaches, standing on your FUNWATER Paddle-board and you stop paddling, you can see

the shore and you can hear the kids laughing while they are running around on the beach.

You lay on your paddleboard, and while you feel the sun on your body, your feet are in

the water. It is time for you to make this, a reality.

Quality meets with creativity and the result is FUNWATER. We want to recreate the idea of

adventure with the help of the sea, the sun, and the California waves. As FUNWATER, we

are offering our customers to create their own special moments and experience the joy

within it. Every paddle gets you closer to adventure.

Brand Mission

“Becoming the ultimate adventure brand for paddling lovers”